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Undated Daily Witchy Planner

Undated Daily Witchy Planner

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Whether you call this a grimoire, a book of shadows, or a journal, I created this witchy undated digital planner to guide you in your magical practice, and to help you release blockages that are in the way of you becoming your highest, most powerful self.

Why? Because when it comes to making magic, almost nothing is more powerful than beginning with a clear intention and a grounded self. Of all the things I’ve learned from my teachers, that is perhaps the most important lesson I’ve received so far. And, one I hope to share with you.

This witchy digital journal for 2024 is meant for witches, magicians, manifestors, and anyone else looking to connect deeper with themselves and the world around them.

In the second half of the undated planner, you’ll find dream and tarot journals, pages to plan your spells, crystal and herb trackers, prompts for full and new moon ceremonies, and more. It also comes with some fun witchy digital stickers to decorate it.

**This item can only be used on an iPad or tablet that allows you to use a stylus and annotate. If you don't have a tablet, we recommend printing it.**

**Please do not try and use this on the phone. The digital planner works with GoodNotes, and other PDF annotating apps. The files cannot be downloaded on a phone.*


This Undated 2024 Witchy Planner for the iPad is a helpful productivity tool with more than 500+ pages.

It includes:
🔮 Instant download
🔮 A hyperlinked digital planner in portrait mode that can be used with PDF annotating apps like GoodNotes or Notability. It can also be printed.
🔮 500+ pages to help you step into your highest, most powerful self (and stay organized while doing it)
🔮 Can be used for 2024 or any year
🔮 The ability to start whenever
🔮 Monthly and yearly vision boards
🔮 Monthly and yearly reflections
🔮 An in-depth dream journal to help you track and interpret your dreams
🔮 Meanings for all 78 tarot cards
🔮 Prompts to Guide your Full Moon and New Moon rituals
🔮 Daily Planner that includes a space to set intentions, make a gratitude list, note the Moon cycle, use blocks to organize your time, and a “must to” vs “nice to get to” task list so you can prioritize your day.
🔮 A guide to the Moon Phases
🔮 Tarot pull journals with prompts to guide you
🔮 The Wheel of the Year
🔮 Herb and crystal journals so you can keep a library of herbs you find and your crystal and stone collection
🔮 Spell Journal for you to plan your rituals
🔮 Blank pages for you to fill in with notes, ideas, drawings, spells, intentions, and more
🔮 20+ witch-themed planner covers
🔮 150+ stickers including many witchy sticker designs

Daily Planner
Weekly Schedule
Monthly Schedule
Monthly Reflection
Monthly Vision Board
Yearly Intention Setting Prompts
Yearly Reflection
Self-Assessment Tracker
Full Moon and New Moon Ritual Journal
Detailed Dream Journal
Tarot Pull Tracker
Spell Journal
Herb Library Journal
Crystal Library Journal
Astrology Tracker with all Planetary Alignments


🍁The digital planner is compatible with Apple and Android tablets, including iPads
🍁 It is meant to be used with a PDF annotation app, such as Goodnotes, Notability, Xodo, and others.
🍁 It can be printed if you desire, but the hyperlinks and stickers will not work.
🍁 It is not compatible with mobile phones.
🍁 It is a digital product. You will not receive a physical product.

Everyone’s monitor and screen is calibrated slightly differently. This means that colors may appear slightly different on yours or if you view the planner on another device.

This digital planner design is the intellectual property of The Pagan Grimoire. They are for personal use only and not for resale of commercial use. You may buy one and gift it to a friend. That is totally ok. If you want to buy them in bulk for your coven, school, or organization, contact me and I may offer you a discounted price.

We cannot be held liable for any type of damages, losses, or expenses that may arise from the use of our products.

Since this is a digital item, there are no refunds or returns.

Copyright © 2024 The Pagan Grimoire

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